Our Job Opportunities

We can find here all our jobs openings in the fields of Transportation and Building & Environment engineering.

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#id Job Position Details
1Chief Design & Construction Engineer (Train management system)TransportationRailways7-10 yearsProject SiteContractualview
2Highway Design EngineerTransportationHighways4-7 yearsAhmedabadPermanent Contractview
3Engineer - OHETransportationRailways4-7 yearsProject SitePermanent Contractview
4Design Engineer - StructureBuilding & EnvironmentBuildings & Industry4-7 yearsAhmedabadPermanent Contractview
5Manager - DesignBuilding & EnvironmentWater & Environment10-15 yearsAhmedabadPermanent Contractview
6Transport PlannerBuilding & EnvironmentUrban Planning & SEZ4-7 yearsProject SiteContractualview
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